Terms Of Service

Urban.Network is an online community which provides the grounds for social communication and interaction which allows users to share information. All account users must be eighteen years and older. No person under the age of eighteen is permitted to use this website.

Every user is responsible for the content they post, publish, or display. Disrespectful content and bad taste will be evaluated by Urban.Network staff and prohibited based on staff judgement.

All information provided by a user on Urban.Network is protected by Urban.Network Private Policy.

No pornography- Pornography is not accepted in anyway and will not be tolerated. No exposure of nudity or indecent exposure of sexual context.

Respect copyrighted material - All material created by a person or people are the original owner of the copyright. Do not post or upload copyrighted material, from text, audio, or video unless you are the original creator of the material or have the original owner’s permission. Commercial advertisement is prohibited unless actively subscribed to Urban.Network advertising campaign. Do not (guerilla market) upload any content to promote a business, enterprise, or cooperation. All forms of advertisement, including links or banners without the approval of Urban.Network, are prohibited. Do not put spam on the website.

Using automated systems such as offline readers, robots, and spiders is prohibited.

Do not collect personal information and identification of a user on the website. Do not solicit or exploit any persons’ personal information through any form of communication on the website.

Every account user has the permission to delete their account anytime they choose. An account user will face termination of their account if the terms of services are violated.

Your information is protected by the Urban.Network staff. We will not sell your personal information or allow unauthorized access to your information.